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On January 24, I broke the fibula, a bone in my right leg, down near my ankle while preventing an elderly friend from falling. Until I get boots back on my feet, this website will have few updates.

On 12 February, I got a big lunky cast on it. On 26 February, I was told that I can put some weight on it. I hope that by the end of March, the cast will be gone and I will be able to wear boots again.

On January 23, I took some pictures of me in my Lug-soled custom Dehner patrol boots while wearing my CHP leather breeches and my CHP shirt. Someone asked me recently if the boots still fit me, and I shined 'em up, stretched each boot for a day, then was able to put them on with these leather breeches. Nice!
On January 22, I posted pictures of a new pair of Timberland Work Boots that I bought to do home renovations and work around the house. They are very comfortable, strong and sturdy work boots. I can see why the boot guys like them so much!
On January 18, a pair of "Berliner" riding pants that I had ordered in November from 665 Leather were delivered. I put them on with my Grey Leather Shirt and tall Wesco Motor Patrol Boots and took advantage of pleasant January weather to go for a ride on my Harley. Woof!
On January 17, I posted pictures of a pair of cool wrist cuffs that my partner and I received from Eastern Oregon Leather. Check 'em out, and get yourself one. Very nice!
On January 11, I put my black leather tie on my grey leather shirt with my blue-striped leather jeans tucked into my lug-soled Chippewa Hi-Shine boots for another quick photo set.
On January 7 and 10, I took pictures of me in the Christmas present that my partner got for me: a custom tailored grey leather shirt with black leather and white piping accents. It is the best quality leather garment I have ever owned. It features an inside hidden zipper so it fits superbly and will hold closed when I wear it while maneuvering my Harley. I received it on 6 January. Man, it's comfortable as well as classy! (We took advantage of a "Black Friday" sale at 665 Leather to get it. Wasn't cheap, but certainly well worth-it!)
On January 7, I posted photos of me in a traditional black biker's jacket that I found cheap from an on-line bargain retailer for less than US$80. It is a jacket that many bikers wear. I got one like this when I was 18 years old and wore it out. It was about time I got one of these jackets that fits.
On January 6, I posted photos of a new pair of Justin "Bent Rail" Buckaroo boots that someone anonymously left on my door step. Cool boots!
On January 3, I made red laces from paracord and put them on my Wesco Combat Boots. I think the boots look more interesting that way. No, the lace colors do not mean anything other than making a fashion statement of contrast.

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