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171 pairs of boots 153 videos March 1, 2011
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On January 21, I updated my Bootman Profile which will be used to update my profile on
On January 19, I discovered that a page was lost when I transferred servers back to my old webhosting service, so the page about my Chippewa non-steel toe engineer boots disappeared. It's back! Great boots, very comfortable.
On January 17, I assembled a gallery showing me smokin' in Dehner Boots. I smoke a lot while wearing Dehners.
On January 12, I posted a video that I did a couple weeks ago titled, "Comparing Old and New Wesco Boss Boots." I share recollections of buying my first pair of Wesco boots, and how they compare with an identical pair that I bought 20 years later.
On January 10, I took off old pictures and posted new composite pics of me on my Recon ( profile. The composites appear here.
On January 7, I posted some photos of me in a Harley-Davidson Perforated Leather Shirt that I bought via eBay from NCBootdude. It's a great shirt to use when riding my Harley on warm days, and the cost on eBay was 1/3 of what it would cost me to buy new due to the extravagant mark-up that H-D applies to their gear.
On January 6, I posted a video that I created titled, "Comparison of Chippewa and Wesco Engineer Boots." Some people have asked for my opinions about these boots, so I made a video to demonstrate the similarities and the differences between them.
On January 6, I updated my Flickr photostream with some of pictures that are most frequently viewed from this website.
On January 4, I updated my page about my Boot Closet. My partner and I constructed some additional shelving in my basement boot storage area to hold 30 pairs of boots and get them off the floor of my bedroom closet to a better location to display and store them while I am not wearing them.

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