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142 pairs of boots 110 videos April 2, 2009
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On February 28, I posted photos of a new pair of All American Blue Knight Series Patrol Boots that I finally received after ordering them five months ago. These boots are great! Woof! (They sure got my partner turned on!)
On February 22, I posted some photos taken during my trip to Arizona to visit with my brothers on February 18 - 22, 2009. I stayed with my best friend, AZlthrexplorer, and rode a rented Harley all over the place.
On February 16, I posted some new pics on our "partners" page of my partner and me in full leather. He is wearing some old leather jeans that don't fit me any more but fit him beautifully.
On February 8, I geared up in my stock Dress Instep Dehner Boots which I wore with my blue-striped leather jeans and my Taylor's Letherwear Cop Jacket while I took a lurker from who lives near me for a ride on my Harley.
On February 2, I updated my Smokin' page.

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