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127 pairs of boots 69 videos May 1, 2008
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Since the web is so visual, I redesigned this page to show a photo with the text about what's new. You can click on the photo or the link within the text to go to the updated page. I hope you like it.

On 30 March, my partner and I got up before dawn and drove into Washington, DC, to stroll around the Tidal Basin to see the famous cherry trees in bloom. It was cold, but still beautiful to see.
On 17 March, I added some pics of my old Larry Mahan Diamondback Rattlesnake Cowboy Boots to the page about these boots on this website.
On 14 March, I updated the page on this website about assembling a CHP uniform based on some feedback I received from a reader.
On 9 March, I processed and posted another video. It features a a discussion about Chippewa Engineer Boots -- Chip Hi-Shines and two pairs of Chippewa oil-tanned Engineer boots.
On 4 March, I took some pics while leathered up and updated the following pages with some new photos:
Protek Biker Jacket. This is an old-style motorcycle cop jacket that I've had for years, and I still enjoy wearing it. It has a Harley patch on the back, which my partner had sewn on for me when I got my Harley in 1994.
Tall Black Wesco Harness Boots. There's just something about these tall rugged biker boots. They feel great on my legs and look great when I'm out riding my motorcycle.
On 3 March, I posted some pics of a pair of Justin Black Cowboy Boots. These boots had been in my boot closet all along, and it was only a few days ago when I was pulling them on that I realized that I had not catalogued them on this website.
On 2 March, I posted an updated page about my Tony Lama Black Teju Lizard Boots.

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