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144 pairs of boots 116 videos May 1, 2009
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On March 30, I created a video titled, "Transition to a Leatherman" which shows a typical return from work and getting in full leather gear.
On March 21, I posted some additional photos of a new pair of Traditional Wesco Motor Patrol Boots. The photos were taken while I was out for a short pre-ride of a major motorcycle ride that I will be involved with.
On March 18, I updated my Links page to include CJ's Leather, where I recently bought a pair of custom leather jeans that are quite comfortable. This company is responsive and produces quality leather fetish gear.
On March 15, I posted pictures of a new pair of lightweight black leather jeans that I recently bought from CJ's Leather in Denver, Colorado. These jeans are made of 2oz cowhide. They look great, and feel wonderful (especially without underwear.) My partner has complimented me a lot on how they look. They were a great value for the quality.
On March 14, I updated the series of images that rotate through my home page. It was just time to do that.
On March 12, I posted some still photos that I took on March 11 of me on my Harley with my new All American Patrol Boots while wearing my LAPD Leather Breeches and my Marlboro Racing Jacket.

On March 11, I had the day off and spent several hours making three new videos about motorcycle patrol boots. Check 'em out and learn about All American Patrol Boots, Dehner Bal-Laced and Dress Instep Patrol Boots, and Bal-Laced patrol boots in general.
On March 1, I posted photos of a new pair of Traditional Wesco Motor Patrol Boots that I ordered last October. These boots feature Black Tie, shineable leather, and while they are leather lined, the leather is not as thick as other Wesco boots that I own, and thus are not as likely to get hot.

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