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158 pairs of boots 139 videos May 28, 2010
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On March 15, I completed a significant amount of work on the "Boots Wiki". Check the new section on Boot Brands.
On March 7, I realized that I had six YouTube videos of me riding my Harley, so I embedded them onto the bottom of the page about my bike.
On March 3, I significantly updated my Guide to Motorcycle Police Patrol Boots by rearranging some items and including now a reference about the cheap Pakistani-made "Raven" Patrol Boots.
On March 2, I added some new photos showing exactly how my Chippewa Firefighter Boots are laced. I also added complete instructions on the lacing method to the Boots Wiki.
Boots Wiki! On March 1, 2010, I am pointing out that the Boots Wiki has many new entries. Check it out! Join the Boots Wiki Team!
On February 14, I officially announced the "Boots Wiki".

As of the date of this update, this website has 752 pages and 6,402 images where information about my Cowboy Boots Collection, Motorcycle Boots Collection, Work Boots Collection, and Motorcycle Leather Gear, can be found. Be sure to check out the Site Index to make it easier to find everything.

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