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175 pairs of boots 160 videos May 1, 2011
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On March 31, I posted new pics of an old Muir Leatherman's Cap to which I added a silver chain. Silver headbands indicate "I don't switch." ... and I don't.
On March 31, I realized that my page about Frye Boots had not been updated and pictures of my old short black Frye engineer boots were old and awful, so I updated both pages with some new pics.
On March 30, I posted pictures of a new-to-me pair of short black Frye harness boots that I bought when I visted San Francisco in mid-March, 2011. Cool-lookin' biker boots!
On March 30, I put on my blue leather tie with my new red and black leather shirt, worn with my Berliner neoprene breeches tucked into my Wesco Patrol Boots. Interesting combination! Waiting for a red leather tie that I ordered to arrive -- will complete the "red and black" look!
On March 29, I posted pics of a new red and black short-sleeved leather shirt that I bought at Mr. S Leather in San Francisco when I visited recently. Tough-lookin' contrast on a cool leather shirt!
On March 24, I posted some additional pics of a pair of Belleville Air Force Tactical Boots that I wore while doing field work for my job in Northern California, USA.
On March 19, I remembed to decrement the size of my boot collection by one. I sold these old stock Wesco Boss boots that didn't quite fit me well any more.
On March 13, I posted some pics of a pair of new brown Chippewa ostrich harness boots that I received in March, 2011. These boots are a unique combination of two styles I like: biker boots with the harness straps and rubber sole, and cowboy boots with the full-quill ostrich foot. Cool!
On March 10, I posted some pics and a video of dried mud on Chippewa Boots. I did some work in our rear yard, and the boots got muddy. On request, I took some pictures after the boots dried, and made a video of brushing the mud off. The video is embedded on the bottom of this new page.
On March 9, I posted some pics of a new pair of Belleville Air Force Tactical Boots that I bought to wear when I do field work for my job. Now I understand why modern military boots are so comfortable!
On March 9, I finally had time to take pictures and post a page about a new pair of Tony Lama full-quill ostrich cowboy boots that I bought in February. The color is called "oryx" which is a light tan. They make a fine addition to my cowboy boot collection that I wear to work.

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