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127 pairs of boots 69 videos June 2, 2008
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On 22 April, I posted an anniversary tribute to my partner. We celebrate 15 years together on April 25.
On 20 April, I updated the following pages of this website with some new pics:
I posted some photos and updated the page about my Thorogood Station Boots which I use as work boots around the house.
My Full leather LAPD Uniform in midnight blue is so comfortable and looks so great, I enjoy wearing it -- just around. New pics have been added to both the full uniform page as well as the "Just the breeches" page.
H-D Police Enforcer Boots. These are MOST comfortable cop boots I own. The bottom of the page about these boots also includes an embedded video that someone who can't even spell referred to as "boreing," but it shows these boots riding on my Harley.
On 18 April, I updated my personal frequently asked questions page a little bit.
On 17 April, I posted some new pics and/or vids (and kept some old pics) on the following pages of this website:
H-D Police Enforcer Boots 2. Second pair of these boots, a little larger to accommodate wearing them with full leather or breeches. They take a great shine and look really hot on the Harley.
Chippewa Engineer Boots. Yeah, my second pair of these, as well. Very, very, very comfortable. Because they are unlined, they feel great on my legs.
Dan Post Blue Python Cowboy Boots. These are very interesting looking boots. The back-cut python scales and the blue color always attract attention. Because they're made by Dan Post, they're very comfortable. I wear them for kickin' around the neighborhood from time to time.
On 15 April, I took a ride in cop boots and leather mid-day and created a video of the boot in action on the bike.
On 8 April, I posted some updated photos of my old Harley side-zippered jump boots.
On 5 April, I had a little time, so I leathered up and put on my Tapped Dehner Cop Boots so I could...
... shoot and post a video titled 'Dehner Boots and Leather' on YouTube.
On 2 April, I finally had time to take some pics and post them about:
A new pair of Black Nocona Bullhide cowboy boots. These boots were comfortable right out of the box, and have an interesting deep dip scallop. They look great just for kickin' around, and sound great on hardwood floors.

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