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146 pairs of boots 118 videos June 1, 2009
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On April 26, I posted some pictures of a new pair of Lucchese tan full-quill ostrich cowboy boots that I bought recently. I have always wanted a pair of ostrich boots in this color.
On April 19, in response to a blog post I read on the 'net, I saw a full dress leather suit that I thought was intriguing. Then as I thought about it, I realized that I had all the pieces of my own dress leather suit. I put it on, took some pictures, and created a new page on this website for something I've actually worn a lot over the years.
On April 14, I fixed the broken link to this post! On April 13, I finally had time to crop and post some pics of a new pair but "aged" (by muddin') 17" Chippewa Engineer Boots without a steel toe.
On April 12, I posted a video titled, "Givin' Character to Engineer Boots" which shows how I give character to a pair of a biker's traditional non-steel toe Engineer boots.
On April 3, I had a chance to take a stroll over to the U.S. Capitol grounds to see the cherry trees in full bloom. They are always lovely.

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