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On April 28, 2013, I posted a few more photos of me in a pair of Wesco burlap-colored boots. They go well with light-colored denim jeans. These boots are becoming more comfortable as I wear them.
On April 21, 2013, I took a few photos of a new pair of Lucchese Oklahoma with El Santo Design Boots that I bought on sale when I was in Virginia to attend a meeting. Though named after a U.S. state, the boots are made in Mexico. However, they are very well designed and confortable.
On April 21, 2013, I took photos of a new pair of Black Lucchese Mad Dog Goat Boots that I bought on sale in March. Very comfy boots to wear to work.
On April 20, 2013, I posted a few photos of my Leather BDU pants bloused over Chippewa Firefighter Boots which I wore while out on my Harley.
On April 5, 2013, I posted photos of my SPOUSE and me. We were married April 4, legally in our home state. The marriage ceremony was private and held at the courthouse in the county where we live. I also updated my Frequently Asked Questions page, too.

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