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131 pairs of boots 79 videos July 2, 2008
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On 28 May, I cropped some pics of my Chippewa Hi-Shine boots that I was wearing when I accepted delivery of my Harley and updated the web page about these boots.
On 27 May, I accepted delivery of my '08 Harley-Davidson Road King! Yippie! Unfortunately, I don't have much time to ride until the weekend, but I took some pictures and posted them. Man, this bike is sweeeeeet!
On 18 May, I posted some pictures of a new pair of Nocona Ostrich Inlay Cowboy Boots that I bought several weeks ago. They're cool!
On 14 May, I finally posted all my galleries about Law Ride in Washington DC which was held on May 11. I took lots of pictures of motor officers and their boots. There are multiple galleries about the event and all the cop and boots, so drop by for a visit.
On 7 May, I posted a gallery of photos that I took during the staging of the 2008 Blue Mass in Washington, DC. This gallery includes both pictures and video.
On 4 May, I added a couple photos on my Chippewa Firefighter Boots page that were taken during a ride on my Harley today. Great day for a ride!
Also on 4 May, I added a couple photos on my Red Piped Chaps page that were taken today as well.

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