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On May 30, I created a page to keep track of boots that I no longer own.
On May 29, I fixed many errors in my complete boot index.
On May 23, I updated my "Write to Me" page on this website by adding a count-down counter for the number of characters that can be included in a message. I have received some messages that got cut off due to length. This should fix it, I hope. (Note, I have had to disable links to that page from this one, because idiots have been using it to send me spam.)
On May 19, I updated my "Assembling a CHP Uniform" page on this website by adding a link to a supplier which will furnish items to people who are not law enforcement officers.
On May 18, I discovered that I had not posted pictures of a pair of Lucchese Classic brown inlay wingtip cowboy boots that I bought in December, 2010. I took some pictures of them and created a page to display them today. Great-looking and very comfortable classic cowboy boots!
On May 18, I added some new pics to the page of my stock Wesco Boss boots that I was wearing today.
On May 18, a few new photos were added to these pages: Marlboro Man, smokin' in gloves, smokin' in Wesco Boots, black biker jacket, and my hunter green leather shirt. It's customary that I post the same photos on different pages of boots and gear and my relevant smokin' pages when I add pictures to this website.
On May 12, I assembled a page showing me smoking in various leather ties.
On May 11, I posted a new set of galleries of photos that I took at Law Ride 2011 held in Washington, DC, on May 8.

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