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On 29 June, a friend gave me a plain black short-sleeved leather shirt while disposing of his former partner's small collection of gear. I finished my motorcycle ride with a buddy, and came home. I put the new-to-me leather shirt on, geared up "leatherman style", and took a few pics while my partner was otherwise occupied, then ... (well, this is a public website. But let's say that the codpiece underchaps came in handy. te he...).
On 28 June I finally posted guidance I have written in response to several questions I have received over the years about how I, personally, choose boots to wear and for my collection. This guidance has been in development for months. Have a look at it, posted here on my website. Please write to me with any feedback that you may have. Is it helpful? Did I get anything wrong? What do you think?
On 27 June I tried once more to wear my Steel (brand) 20-hole lace-up boots. The boots are comfortable. My patience is worn thin ladder lacing them. I guess that's why I don't wear them very much. They take way too long to lace correctly, but once they're on, they feel great!
On 25 June I picked up a pair of my Chippewa Hi-Shine Boots that I had dropped off with my cobbler to have lug soles added to them.
On 24 June when I got home from work, I found a box of a pair of boots that had been discontinued, so I thought. What a surprise! Dan Post Sand Vegas Cut Cowboy Boots!
On 24 June, I posted some newer, sharper pictures of my Chippewa Motor Patrol Boots and describe why these boots are NOT regularly worn by motor officers (on the East Coast of the USA).
On 22 June, I returned from an unexpected trip to the Midwest. I finally had a little time to post pictures that I had taken a month ago of a new pair of Dan Post Black Cherry Vegas Cut Cowboy Boots. Nice boots!
On 10 June, I posted a few photos of a new-to-me but well-worn pair of "Bama-ized" Wesco Harness Boots that I received from my friend, Bamaboy. I'll enjoy taking these puppies out for some muddin' fun ... sometime. Meanwhile, they'll go for a ride on my Harley.

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