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148 pairs of boots 124 videos August 2, 2009
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On June 30, I posted the link to a video that I posted on YouTube titled Dehner Boots Were Made to Ride!. Check it out!
On June 27, I posted a gallery of photos taken during a visit with my friend, Bamaboy, while I was in Alabama for a business meeting.
On June 25, I finally posted a series of photos of a pair of Tony Lama cowboy boots that I bought on May 2 when visiting Missouri. The boots have a unique "red brown" color and have a higher than average heel at 2-1/2". It took a while to break them in, but they have become quite comfortable.
On June 14, I put on my Chippewa Firefighter Boots and took a long motorcycle ride with some buddies. I posted a new pic of these boots and me on my Harley.
On June 4, despite some rain, I finally had time to take some pictures of a pair of Boulet Shooter Boots that I bought while visiting Kansas City in early May. These are very comfortable boots, and I enjoy wearing them.
In June, I updated my Muir Cap and Marlboro page with a few new pics. I updated the Smokin' in Leather page with two new pics taken in July.

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