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132 pairs of boots 91 videos September 2, 2008
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On 25 July, I updated my page on how to assemble a CHP uniform to add details about the duty belt system. This was in response to a very nice guy from Toronto. I thought with the work I put into researching that response, I should capture that information and post it.
On 24 July, I took a few pics of how I was dressed for work today -- shirt and tie, and Black Cherry Vegas Cut Cowboy Boots. I seldom have to wear a tie, which I do not like to do. But occasionally for meetings, I gotta. Some guys get into the boots and suits thing. I don't. But then again, I do what I gotta do when I have to. (The cowboy hat was added; I don't wear one to work.)
On 18 July, I posted some pictures that I took yesterday morning when I put on my codpiece leather jeans and my Chippewa Hi-Shine Engineer Boots. They go well together. Since my partner and I don't go out any more, I don't really have anywhere to wear this combination of boots and leather, except on a rare Saturday night at home.
On 15 July, I updated my Ask Booted Harleydude page with some recent questions I have received. The latest question is on storing boots.
On 13 July, I posted a few pics of a Olathe Buckaroo Cowboy Boots that I bought on a boot shopping trip while in Missouri. They are really Hot Boots! I've always wanted a pair of boots by Olathe.
On 8 July, I remembered that I had updated my page about my Attaboy Cock-Ring Vest but forgot to mention it here. An interesting vest in how it was made. It isn't available any more.
On 5 July, I updated the web page about my "Skyrider" Biker Vest which had old, outdated pics on it. Nothing special, just routine maintenance. I have been wearing this vest somewhat, and still like it.
On 4 July, we decided to come home after a family barbeque instead of hang out late to see fireworks. I had a little time so I processed and posted some new pics of my very comfortable side-laced leather jeans that I have been wearing some more recently.
Also on 4 July, I updated my web page about my blue police style short-sleeved leather shirt since I was wearing it with my side-laced leather jeans for a photo set.

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