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149 pairs of boots 129 videos September 2, 2009
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On July 26, I posted some photos of a new pair of Bal-Laced Dehner Patrol Boots that I received recently. I got these boots as a promotion for arranging for a USA motorcycle police force to purchase 20 pairs of these boots. I discarded them in April, 2017, when the right shaft was cracking and they no longer fit me.
On July 25, I posted some photos of a new Levi-style leather overlay that I received recently. It's comfortable, and useful as an alternate to a leather vest when I ride my Harley.

On July 21, I created and posted three new videos on my YouTube channel. One is on how to lace up bal-laced patrol boots. Another is on how to train the boots for the correct ankle break. The third video is a comparison of dress instep and bal-laced Dehner patrol boots
On July 19, I updated our partners page with some photos that I took of my partner and me on the night of July 18.

I also added one photo (as a funny) on my Harley motorcycle page that Bamaboy created for me.

On July 10, I posted photos of a new pair of boots that I bought, using a gift certificate that my brother sent to me. He wanted me to buy a pair of dress shoes to wear when I have to dress up, but I could not do that, so I settled on the Kenneth Cole n-Different Boots.
On July 6, I added two photos of my Dress Instep Dehner Patrol Boots on my motorcycle to the web page about these boots. I also dropped in a few new photos on one of the pages about my Muir Cap.

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