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161 pairs of boots 144 videos September 1, 2010
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On July 31, I created a video showing my Wesco Brown/Burgundy Harness Boots going for a ride on my Harley. See this video and others here.
On July 31, I updated the page on this website about my Wesco Redwood 20" Boss Boots because I have decided to sell them if I get a good offer.
On July 30, I put together a Black and Tan Leather Uniform and liked the look.
On July 28, I made slight updates to my Guide to Motorcycle Police Patrol Boots tutorial.
On July 27, I had to make a permanent change to my Traditional "retro" biker chaps to keep them closed while throwing my leg over the saddle of my Harley and riding. More photos of me in these chaps with an explanation of this riviting change are posted.
On July 26, I updated my tutorial titled, Complete Guide to Leather Gear.
On July 24, I updated my tutorial titled, Air Travel With Leather Gear.
On July 23, I updated my profiles page.
On July 22, I updated my Muir Cap and Marlboro page.
On July 15, I put on my Nocona blue full-quill cowboy boots that were delivered in March, but I could not wear them due to swelling of my (formerly broken) ankle. I can wear them now -- cool boots! Look great with a shirt & tie.
On July 14, I tried on my new Traditional "retro" biker chaps that I bought from 665 Leather back in May when they were having a sale. These are heavyweight, custom-tailored traditional biker chaps which I will wear when I ride my Harley. Very cool-lookin', well-fitted, superbly-made chaps!
On July 13, I felt like metal: like stainless steel. I decided to put on my metal gear, including my Chain-sided chaps and chainmail codpiece and step out for a bit for some new pics.
On July 13, the metal gear mentioned above included my steel/leather chest harness. I do not wear this harness very often, but it still fits well and feels good when playing with my partner.
On July 8, I bought a new pair of Chippewa brown "Bomber Jacket" engineer boots on sale since I wanted a pair of short boots (other than black) to wear during hot weather when riding my Harley. The boots were broken in the minute I put them on.
On July 2, I created a video showing my new Dehner Boots on their first ride on my Harley. See this video and others here.
On July 1, I bought a new pair of stock Dehner Boots with lug soles on them. Nice boots!

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