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133 pairs of boots 95 videos October 1, 2008
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On 24 August, I sized and posted some updated pictures of me in my LAPD leather uniform and patrol boots. I also updated the thumb photos for both my CHP Uniform and my LAPD leather uniform on my Leather Gear Index Page.
On 22 August, I put a pair of spurs on my Olathe Buckaroo Boots and posted a few more pics on my page about those tall good-looking boots. I am wearin' them spurred all day today... ka-chink, ka-chink! (My partner is calling me "cowboy" today, and has only asked that I not wear the spurs in bed LOL!)
On 21 August, I booted up in a pair of Wesco Harness Boots that I bought from Bamaboy. Oops! They detected some mud, and felt right at home... te he.
On 20 August, I created a page that explains and demonstrates what a uniform duty belt looks like. This is mine; yours may be different.
On 19 August, I assembled my duty belt and put it on with my CHP Uniform and Dehner Boots for a new series of pictures. I posted pics of me in the short-sleeved uniform shirt on August 19, and inserted more pictures of me in the uniform with a long-sleeved shirt on August 20.
While I had the uniform on, I created a YouTube video titled "CHP Motor Officer Uniform" about how to put it together, including and all the parts and pieces of a duty belt.
On 12 August, I replied in detail to a question on "Boots on Line" about how to clean and "de-smell" a jacket that had mold and mildew on it. I posted my reply there, as well as captured it and put it on my Wiki site, here.
On 10 August, I was inspired by my friend Clay (Calgarymn) to leather up and give a tour of my back yard in which we have spent considerable time making it a quiet retreat. Come for a visit for a "Back Yard Booted Tour".
On 3 August, I updated the page on this website about my Sendra Texan Cowboy Boots. I bought them in 2006, but had not updated the pics on my web page about those boots, even though that page is visited very often by people using a search engine to find them. It was time to give 'em a little shine and repace those old washed-out pics on that page.
On 3 August, I booted up in my Chippewa Hi-Shine bike cop boots and my CHP twill breeches to go for a ride on a fine summer day. I shot a video titled "Road King Summer Ride" and posted it on YouTube. Visit my YouTube vids here.

On 2 August, while my partner was away, I leathered up and updated several sections of my website, including:

My favorite Long-sleeved black leather shirt with red piping on the epaulets and pockets. Very comfy, but warm.
A good-looking Dress Leather Shirt that I wear when I dress up in leather.
I have had this Harley-Davidson sleeveless leather shirt for quite some time. The pics of it on this website were old and have been entirely replaced.
I wore my Naked Leather pants for the photo session with the sleeveless shirt, above, so I added some of those pics to the page about these pants while I was at it.
I was considering what leathers to wear on a motorcycle ride that I'm going on tomorrow, so I got out my Leather Riding Pants to try 'em on and check out while riding my Harley.
I got a little frisky and took some new pics of my codpiece underchaps. 'nuf said.
Oops, the Chip Engineer Boots got wet.

As of the date of this update, this website has 301 pages and 4,639 images where information about my Cowboy Boots Collection, Motorcycle Boots Collection, Work Boots Collection, and Motorcycle Leather Gear, can be found. Be sure to check out the Site Index to make it easier to find everything.

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