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148 pairs of boots 131 videos October 3, 2009
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On August 30, while looking in my leather gear closet for something, I uncovered my old grey biker vest that I had custom made in 1995. I put it on with my side-laced leather jeans and my Chippewa Hi-Shine boots and snapped a few photos, then indexed it for my leather gear page on this website.
On August 25, I put on my forest green motor officer breeches with tall Dehner Patrol Boots and arrested my partner when he arrived home from work.
On August 25, I finally posted a gallery of pictures of a new pair of black Dan Post dress cowboy boots that I bought while on a business trip to Nashville in July.
On August 20, I put on my blue striped leather jeans because they feel so comfortable and took a few new pictures.
On August 20, I posted some new pictures of my grey side-striped motorcycle chaps while wearing my Leather Overlay and Bal-Laced Dehner Patrol Boots.

On August 20, I posted two new videos titled, "It's All About the Boots" Parts 1 and 2. You can see them by clicking here for my video index.
On August 16, I posted a video titled Leading the Pack. It shows what it looks like to lead a motorcycle ride.
On August 1, I posted a video on YouTube titled Comparison of Patrol Boots. I compare All American Blue Knight Patrol Boots and Dehner Bal-Laced Patrol Boots. Check it out!
On August 1, I posted some photos of a pair of dress instep Dehner Boots with spurs. I found these English spurs and thought they would look good on these boots. They do!

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