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164 pairs of boots 150 videos October 3, 2010
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On August 25, I rediscovered my lightweight "jungle" motorcycle boots and updated photos of these boots for this website. Very comfortable! I had forgotten that I had them.
On August 11, I pulled on my Red-striped leather breeches that go well with Dehner patrol boots, along with my usual long-sleeved red piped leather shirt, a Sam Browne Belt, Muir Cap, and Leather Tie to update some photos for BLUF.
On August 10, I pulled on my Nocona blue ostrich cowboy boots with dress pants, shirt, and tie to go to court. I updated my "Boots and Suits" page on this website with a few pics.
On August 3, I put on my Grey shirt-sleeve leather shirt with my blue-striped leather jeans for some updated pics for this website.
On August 2, I put on my LAPD full leather uniform with lug-soled Dehner Patrol Boots and updated some pics for this website and for BLUF.
On August 1, I put on my Side-laced leather jeans, a short-sleeved leather shirt, and put my steel half-harness over it. Feels good, looks different!
On August 1, I put on my black leather tie with my short-sleeve leather shirt and those CHP Leather Breeches again to form the black-and-tan uniform, but this time I pulled on my stock Dress instep Dehner Patrol Boots.

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