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On August 22, I updated my page on Wearing Cowboy Boots. This is the most frequently visited page on my website. So many people have questions about wearing cowboy boots with jeans, whether boots are worn with jeans tucked in to them, if boots can be worn with khaki pants or suits. This page provides a pictorial description of answers to these questions and more!
On August 15, I posted new photos of a pair of Lucchese Brown Goatskin Dress Cowboy Boots that I had ordered before I found out that my brother bought me the same model of boots in black! Great minds think alike!
On August 15, I updated my Carpenter Leather Jeans page when I wore them with my red-piped leather shirt and had the pants tucked into my Lug-soled Chippewa High-Shine boots.
On August 15, I updated my short non-steel Chippewa boots page on which the same pics were also posted to my lightweight leather jeans page and my smokin' biker page.
On August 15, I added some pics to my smokin' cowboy page and my maroon leather tie page (that I was wearing for these pics).
On August 6, I posted new photos of a pair of Lucchese Black Goatskin Dress Cowboy Boots that my twin brother bought as a gift for me and to wear with a suit to a formal reception in his honor. Man, these are great-looking, superb-fitting boots!
On August 4, I posted new photos of an old pair of Frye black motorcycle harness boots. The page about those boots had disappeared from this website. When I found it, the pics of the boots were really bad, so I took new pics and reposted the page.
On August 3, I posted pics of a new pair of 11" Chippewa non-steel toe engineer boots that I bought on sale. Great lightweight knock-around boots for warm weather motorcycle riding.
On August 3, I posted pics of a new pair of leather carpenter jeans that I received recently.

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