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On August 24, 2016, I posted 142 new photos from the Mid-Atlantic Motorcycle Police Rodeo held August 19-20 in Chantilly, Virginia. Check out the albums of cops riding in the competition, the opening processional ceremony, and cops' boots.
On August 18, 2016, I posted a subindex of all of my boots that have Vibram 100 "big lug" soles. I prefer to wear lug-soled boots when I operate my Harley as well as working on construction projects or during winter snows. This subindex displays all of my lug-soled boots in the motorcycle boots, work boots, and cowboy boots categories.
On August 16, 2016, I posted photos of a new Rev'IT white summer-weight riding jacket that my spouse bought for me for my birthday. This jacket is great and provides great protection while enabling air flow for riding my Harley in hot weather.
On August 16, 2016, I posted photos of a pair of Leather Overpants by Fox Creek Leather. These leather pants have full zippers on the outside of the legs to enable them to be worn over jeans -- better than chaps, and much cheaper than Langlitz Westerns but of the same high quality.

As of the date of this archive, this website has 947 pages in total (743 on the site, 27 on the cop galleries, and 177 on the boots wiki). There are a total of 12,285 images on the site, including 1,716 images on the cop galleries.

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