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135 pairs of boots 96 videos November 1, 2008
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On 29 September, I posted pictures of a pair of boots that I got about a month ago from a friend in Ottawa. Check out my Boulet Biker/Cowboy Harness Boots
On 26 September, I posted the new gallery of photos that I took during the Mid-Atlantic Police Motorcycle Competition held on September 19 - 20, 2008, in Arlington, Virginia. Videos I took at the event are also embedded on this web page. Check it out!
On 22 September, I saw that some people are still searching my website for "boots on pedals." I don't do that -- I am just not interested, and don't have a way to do it, anyway. That prompted me to update my Frequently Asked Questions page today.
On 14 September, I put on my H-D Police Enforcer Boots and a pair of breeches, and took a ride on my Harley to try out a new video camera that I received. I posted a video that I took today on YouTube. I practiced with several bike cop buddies who are entering in a police motorcycle skills competition next week.
On 11 September, I updated the page on how to assemble a CHP uniform. I found out that the uniform supplier I had recommended doesn't sell shirts or breeches in the Silvertan color, so I had to change some things around to make the page more accurate as to what and where items are currently available.
On 6 September, I was provided a professional review by a great guy, Chris, who is originally from Australia and now lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He offered and I accepted a number of edits that make my Complete Guide to Leather Gear more accurate, readable, and free of typos. It's teriffic to have a younger guy's perspective. The Guide describes many things about how to know if you are getting quality leather gear, what to choose, and what's important (and not important). Consider this an on-line course of "Leather 101"!
On 2 September, I updated my Bootman Profile as shown on my website here and which "went live" on on 5 September. The profile that was on was been there for three years, and it was time for an update with better pictures that show more about who I really am.

As of the date of this update, this website has 297 pages and 4,680 images where information about my Cowboy Boots Collection, Motorcycle Boots Collection, Work Boots Collection, and Motorcycle Leather Gear, can be found. Be sure to check out the Site Index to make it easier to find everything.

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