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149 pairs of boots 131 videos November 1, 2009
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On September 27, I updated the page about my friend, AZ Leather Explorer on this website. I am very happy for my buddy that he has met someone who is very good for him. I celebrate his happiness. But because AZ has met someone, he asked me to take down his photos from my website. Please understand, AZ and I remain very close friends. This change should not be misinterpreted. Rather, it is a great thing that my best friend has met someone equal to his caliber and quality.
On September 7, I pulled on my All American Patrol Boots with my green cop breeches, my long-sleeved leather shirt, my duty belt, and my Damascus cop gloves and went for a ride before it rained. My partner took some pictures (which appear throughout the pages linked here.)
On September 5, I realized that my index of boots was outdated, since I removed three pairs of boots from my collection -- two pairs that fell apart and were not worth resoling, and one pair that did not fit me that I sent to a great friend. I updated my inventory list, and now have 147 pairs of boots.
On September 3, I posted pictures of a new pair of Guide Gear Engineer Boots that I bought on surplus for only US$20. They are comfortable boots, and I hope they will hold up since they were so cheaply made. Time will tell.
On September 2, I posted some photos that I took of me in my Red Piped Leather Shirt, with leather jeans tucked into tall boots. This is the outfit I wore in order to use the power of leather bring some order to unruly kids on the Metro. It worked. Grrrrr...

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