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167 pairs of boots 151 videos November 1, 2010
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On September 29, I received and took pictures of me in a new pair of Lucchese 1883 Full Quill Ostrich Cowboy Boots that are medium grey in color. These complete my cowboy boot acquisitions for my new job. Sharp-looking boots!
On September 28, as I was donning the leather gear for today, I found a pair of Leather Harness Suspenders and put them on. While I was at it, I updated pics for today's gear: Lightweight Leather Jeans tucked into All American Patrol Boots, Lightweight, white-piped leather shirt with my new blue leather tie, and my Leatherman's Muir Cap.
On September 27, I posted a gallery of almost 100 images that I took on September 25, 2010, of motorcops and their boots at the Mid-Atlantic Police Motorcycle Competition. I was a judge this year, so I was right in the thick of the action. Whew!
On September 22, I posted pics of my new blue leather tie that my partner bought for me to wear to work. Great-looking, and well-made!
On September 22, I posted pics of my new grey leather tie that my partner bought bought for me at the same time he bought the blue one, above. Cool!
On September 22, I posted pics of a pair of new Chippewa Harness Boots that I picked up on sale. These boots are rugged, solid, durable US-made biker boots that are much better quality than Harley-Davidson brand Chinese-made boots. Great for the biker in me.
On September 21, I posted some new pictures of my Chippewa engineer boots without a steel toe after they, ahhh... found their way into some mud (then hosed them off). I like engineer boots to look this way.
On September 21, I posted pictures of a new pair of Lucchese Classic dark grey dress cowboy boots that I bought as a gift to myself for getting a really good job. These dress boots will look great with the clothes I wear to work.
On September 21, while taking pictures for the page about my new Lucchese Classic dark grey dress cowboy boots (above), I had a suit on, so I updated my "Boots and Suits" page on this website with a few pics while I was at it.
On September 14, I posted a video that I shot yesterday while walking in Dehner Boots with steel taps.
On September 13, I put on leather from tapped Dehner Boots to Muir Cap with a cool short-sleeved leather shirt and went out to enjoy a cigar that a buddy gave me (before it went stale.)
On September 12, I created one page for a listing of all of my What's New Archives and took that listing off this page to make this page less cluttered. I also integrated it with the new home page's drop-down boxes.
On September 11, I am trying out a new design of my home page. It features a drop-down menu along the top under a new header image, and since that menu is there, I deleted all the blinking images that led to interior pages on the site. I think the site is less cluttered. Tell me what you think about it by clicking here. It remains a "work in progress."
On September 1, I added a few new pics of my Dehner lug-soled boots to this website, as well as a full photo of me in those boots on my Harley.

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