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On September 27, I posted all the pictures that I took at the police motorcycle competition that I attended on 24 September and posted them in a new Cop Galleries photo section that I installed on this website. Check it out!
On September 22, I updated my profile on Recon with some additional photos.
On September 20, I took a few new pics of me wearing my dress leather shirt, black leather tie, Muir Cap and dress instep Dehner boots with boot chains.
On September 19, I replaced one of the oldest pages on this website with updated pictures, showing the various leather wrist bands that I own.
On September 15, I posted some photos of me wearing a new pair of full leather BDUs (battle dress utility) pants that I bought from Mr. S. Leather. These are very comfortable, roomy leather cargo pants that are great for motorcycling. They look especially good bloused over combat boots.
On September 15, I added more photos of additional boot chains and a boot band that have been in my collection for years to the boot chains page of this website.
On September 15, I added a new page that shows my traditional western and English riding spurs. I have one pair of each type.
On September 13, I created a new page that will update images of various pairs of boot chains that I have had for a long time. I wear boot chains now and again on boots with a plain instep.
Home Page On September 12, I migrated this website to a different web host (AGAIN!) because my new host had awful customer service and would not respond in a timely manner to a problem they had.
On September 12, I posted some pictures of a new pair of Justin Work Boots that I bought to wear while working in the yard. The non-lug sole is a plus when working in muddy conditions.
On September 11, I made a new Work Boots section of this website "go live" to display my Work Boots (and also mudded boots). This reduces the length of my motorcycle boots page to display boots that I do not wear when I ride my Harley.
On September 8, I posted a video titled, Affordable Biker Boots. This video was created on request and in response to an email message asking me, "what biker boots would you recommend for someone on a tight budget?"

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