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259 pairs of boots 93 videos November 2, 2017
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On September 25, 2017, I posted 145 images that I took at the Mid-Atlantic Police Motorcycle Riding Competition on September 16. Check out the cops, boots, and riding skills.
On September 7, 2017, I posted a page to show a new pair of Chippewa Firefighter boots that I bought to replace my old pair that I wore out. Love these comfy and durable boots, especially for riding my Harley!
On October 18, 2017, I posted photos of a new pair of Allen Edmonds Carlyle footwear that I bought on sale.

As of the date of this archive, this website has 1,032 pages in total (805 on the site, 30 on the cop galleries, 6 on the Crazy-Awesome Motorcycle Adventures galleries, and 191 on the boots wiki). There are a total of 13,645 images on the site, including 1,861 images on the cop galleries and 346 on the Utah Harley galleries.

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