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138 pairs of boots 102 videos December 1, 2008
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On 27 October, I updated the links page on my website to add some additional websites and forums that may be of interest to guys who like boots and leather.
On 23 October, I finally posted a few pictures of a pair of Medium Brown Frye Harness Boots that I picked up for a steal on eBay. Nothin' fancy, just good ol' Frye harness boots.
On 20 October, I began to get slammed again by nitwits from the U.K. attempting to post silly, thoughtless comments on my YouTube videos. Therefore, I edited settings for all of my videos to block comments, ratings, and embedding on external sites. I realize most people from the U.K. are normal, but these idiots forced the issue when they first started doing that last week and have not given up. Shame on them.
On 15 October, I used Internet Explorer to check my page on "Air Travel With Leather Gear" and discovered to my dismay that two photos overlapped each other. I use Mozilla Firefox as my web browser, and that browser is much more forgiving of technical glitches in HTML code than I.E. is. (I detest Microsoft). Anyway, after all this time, I fixed it. (Note to self: Check your pages with I.E. since that still remains the predominant browser used by most folks worldwide.)
On 14 October, I posted a few new pics of some very old, hard-workin', rugged, Chippewa Engineer Boots. I tromped around in some mud a few weeks ago and just let it dry, then shook it off. The boots have an interesting character, which gets more interesting as they bear the gaff of muddin' and workin' around the house.
On 10 October, I posted a new web page titled "Guide to Motorcycle Police Patrol Boots." I wrote this page to answer frequent questions I receive and to share some of my experience with these boots. This page has been reviewed by knowledgable boot professionals, including some "real LEOs" (active motor officers) who I know. Click here to see it.
On 9 October, I posted some pictures of me in a new pair of forest green motor officer breeches that I bought a while ago. I like how they look and feel. I'm not a cop, and don't impersonate. I just like motor breeches and tall patrol boots.
On 7 October, I finally had some time to take and post pictures of a pair of Harley lug-soled Harness Boots that my partner got for me on a great closeout sale.

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