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On October 31, I assembled some images onto a page that I have titled, "Pictorial Guide to BLUF Gear so guys interested in what the BLUF gear dress code and image is all about can see it from my perspective as an old-guard Leatherman.
On October 28, I totally re-did my Muir Cap with Leather page on this website. Images on the earlier version of this page were outdated. All images on this page have been replaced with newer images.
On October 27, I received a new pair of perforated leather jeans and posted photos of them. These lightweight leather jeans work well with my perforated leather shirt for times when I want to wear leather on a warm day. Great ventilation!
On October 26, I made a subindex page that features all of my police patrol boots together in one place.
On October 24, I finally had time to take and post pictures of a new-to-me pair of Bates Patrol Boots that I bought on an eBay auction. These boots are okay, but are about as cheaply made as Chippewa Patrol Boots.
On October 11, I embedded a video of me smokin' in my Marlboro Racing Jacket while wearing creaky leather jeans.
On October 9, I made a subindex page that features all of my engineer boots together in one place.
On October 8, I made a subindex page that features all of my harness boots together in one place.
On October 3, I took some pictures of me in my Side-laced Leather Jeans while wearing my Skyrider biker vest and added them to those respective pages on this website. Very comfy leather jeans in cool weather!

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