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On 28 November, I posted pictures of a new pair of Black Dan Post Ostrich Toe Vegas-Cut Cowboy Boots that I received from a friend as a gift. Wow, are these boots gorgeous!
On 28 November, I finally updated my page on this website that shows my boot closet and boot storage. This was one of the oldest, most outdated pages on this website! It was done because I built more on-wall hanging boot storage today.
On 26 November, I posted a new video on YouTube titled Happy Thanksgiving 2008! which has become an annual tradition! Happy Thanksgiving, guys!
On 24 November, I significantly revised my Site Index since it was getting out of hand. I made it shorter, but still useful to find what is on this website.
On 19 November, I posted a new video on YouTube titled Crushin' in Wesco Boots that I did on request. Enjoy!
On 17 November, Larry Kenney notified me that he linked to my Guide to Motorcycle Police Patrol Boots page from Thanks, Larry! I also received an email from an editor of a law enforcement magazine who expressed interest in using information from that page for an upcoming article. I plan to collaborate on developing the article for that magazine.
On 13 November, I found that I had unintentionally overwritten my cowboy boots index page the night before when I was continuing to tweak this website to remove any vestiges of photos related to the discrimination that I am dealing with. I have restored it. Thank goodness for backups! (This entire website is backed up at least three times each week.)
On 12 November, I posted a new set of photos that have been in the queue for a while -- my Demonia "Rocky" Lace-Up Boots. They're kinda punk-style, and squeak like hell, so I don't wear them much. But I began this year promising myself to update as many of the really old pics on this website as I could. These were "on the list."
On 11 November, I updated my Bootman Profile as shown on my website here and which was also revised on I had to modify it since a couple photos on that profile is what caused all the fall-der-all that I have had to deal with lately regarding censorship.
On 7 November, I totally re-organized the Wesco Boot Section on this website. Yesterday, I found a pair of old Wesco "Boss" Engineer Boots that I had forgotten about, and my partner had stored away. I took pictures of them and added a page to this website. While I was at it, I took new pictures of my Wesco Redwood "Boss" Engineer Boots as well as my Wesco plain Boss Boots and posted those pics, too. I have 9 pairs of Wesco Boots, and now they each have their own page on this website, as it should be.
On 4 November, on request, I produced a Video Guide to Motor Officer Patrol Boots and embedded it on my Guide to Motorcycle Police Patrol Boots page. It covers lots of information on the features of motor officer patrol boots.
On 4 November, I posted pictures that I took yesterday of a new-to-me Marlboro Leather Racing Jacket that I won in an eBay auction. The jacket is warm, flexible for use when riding my Harley, and is really sharp-looking.

As of the date of this update, this website has 294 pages and 4,784 images where information about my Cowboy Boots Collection, Motorcycle Boots Collection, Work Boots Collection, and Motorcycle Leather Gear, can be found. Be sure to check out the Site Index to make it easier to find everything.

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