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On November 29, I realized that while I wear a Sam Browne belt in some of the photos that have appeared on this website, I have not had a page on this site about that piece of formal leather gear. Now I have done it by assembling existing photos of me with that belt onto one page.
On November 25, I posted pictures of a pair of Hispar Harness Patrol Boots that I bought via a Yahoo store. They were marketed as "harness patrol boots" but I knew from past experience and the price, that these were cheap boots made in Pakistan. However, I like tall harness boots, and the price was right, so I bought them.
On November 25, I posted pictures of me in a pair of skin-tight "Sailor" leather pants that my partner bought for me to wear during playtime. They're fun! They feature a snap front, and when he unsnaps it... (just imagine). These pants were made custom by Northbound Leather of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They do great work!
On November 23, I posted pictures of me in an old plain black Muir Cap that I found in box in the back of my leather gear closet that I found when I was looking for something else. This is a cool hat; I will wear it more often.
On November 22, I updated the page about my biker chaps with red piping along the outside zipper. I wore these chaps today while I was being a bad-boy biker, taking a woman who was celebrating her 90th birthday for a motorcycle ride.
On November 18, I updated the page about my Northbound blue-striped leather jeans since with some weight loss, they fit me better now and remain very comfortable and classy to wear as I go around my community doing daily activities.
On November 16, I updated my Dehner Boots index page reflecting newer, more informative videos. I also improved the page layout.
On November 14, I posted a few pics of a new pair of Olathe buckaroo boots that have tan and brown feet with navy blue shafts and a square toe. These are very cool boots!
On November 7, I linked a few photos that appear elsewhere on this site of me in my favorite long-sleeved police-style leather shirt, which I wear often this time of year. It is very comfortable.
On November 5, I updated one of the pages that Google searches land on, "Jeans and Cowboy Boots" with new images and instructions on how to get jeans to fit inside cowboy boots. The instructions are simpler, and the most common way cowboys do it. I featured my Champion Attitude Firebird Cowboy Boots so I updated the page about those boots on this website, too.
On November 3, I wore my side-laced leather jeans and took some pics to update the page about them. I also had on my fringed leather vest again, too. These jeans and vest go together well.
On November 1, I had on my red striped flared leather breeches with a pair of Bal-Laced Dehner Boots and stepped out into the rain. The leathers and boots look good with raindrops and feel good wet.
On November 1, I updated the page on my website featuring my Fringed Cowboy Leather Vest.

As of the date of this update, this website has 373 pages and 6,035 images where information about my Cowboy Boots Collection, Motorcycle Boots Collection, Work Boots Collection, and Motorcycle Leather Gear, can be found. Be sure to check out the Site Index to make it easier to find everything.

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