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On November 29, I put on my maroon leather tie with my blue leather shirt and my side-laced leather jeans and posted a few new pics of this shirt/tie combination. The shirt, tie, and leather jeans gear is what I wore to a community meeting. Yep, that's me, Mr. Leatherdude.
On November 28, I put together a series of still photos from this website into a video to see how it looks. Check out the resulting video, "Leather, Uniforms, and Boots which I posted on my YouTube channel.
On November 26, I put on my simple Harley vest along with my lightweight leather jeans over my old Wesco Boss engineer boots and went for a ride on my Harley. Posted a few new pics of this vest worn on that ride.
On November 23, I remembered a plain black biker vest that I have owned for a couple years and remembered that I have not posted pictures of it on this website. Check out my O.N.E. Plain Black Zip-Front Leather Vest which wears like body armor. It's a great, snug-fitting vest!
On November 23, I bloused a pair of leather jeans into my Wesco Jobmaster Combat Boots and took some more photos in a biker-style sweatshirt that I received as a gift for promoting sales at Bud's Work Boots.
On November 23, I took some more photos of my Chippewa Brown Ostrich Harness Boots. They were upset that their black brothers were getting all the attention recently.
On November 21, I posted a series of pictures of me in a new pair of Chippewa Black Ostrich Harness Boots. These are very comfortable yet rugged harness boots that go well with leather. I bought them on sale because I like their brown brothers so well.
On November 21, I pulled on my pair of Wesco Harness Boots that I bought from Bamaboy a few years ago and stepped outside for a smoke. I took a few pics of me in leather jeans and these boots. Shot a new video, too -- embedded on that page.
On November 19, I went for a ride on my Harley while wearing my gray leather biker jacket and matching grey leather pants. I posted some new pics of me in this outfit on those pages and on my Harley-Davidson motorcycle page.
On November 14, I posted some new photos of my partner and me that I took on his birthday, November 12. He is wearing a new pair of leather jeans that I got for him for his birthday. Woof!
On November 7, I posted a page that explains and shows my vest extenders that I wear on some of my biker vests. These devices prevent the front panels of my vests from flapping in the wind when I ride my Harley.
On November 3, I posted some additional photos in my red-and-black leather gear because I like how the gear contrasts. These photos appear on the pages about my Red and Black Leather Shirt, as well as the pages on red leather tie, carpenter leather jeans, traditional Muir Cap, and smokin' in red and black leather.
On November 2, I took some pictures while I was wearing my comfortable JT's Leather Riding Pants that I bought from Mr. S Leather in 2005 and updated this page as well as the page showing my favorite red piped leather shirt while I was at it.

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