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On 30 December, I posted a new video on YouTube titled Chippewa Hi-Shines or Dehners? which shows my dilemma in making a decision on which boots to wear to the Hotboots party at MAL (if I go -- seriously, I may not due to intense crowds expected for the inaguration).
On 30 December, I produced a video entitled Ordering Custom Wesco Boots which I did for a buddy from "Boots on Line." If you're considering ordering custom Wesco boots, the video explains how to do it and the choices to make.
On 29 December, I dressed in full leather, featuring my red-striped leather breeches, my red-piped long-sleeved leather shirt, my motocross jacket, and my Wesco Hybrid Motor Patrol Boots to take a friend-of-a-friend for a ride on my Harley to fulfill his 95th birthday wish to ride on a motorcycle with a "real biker dude."
On 28 December, I went on "night maneuvers" by donning my CHP Uniform and my new Dehner dress instep motor patrol boots and just hanging out.
On 28 December, I tried to fulfill this year's New Years Resolution by updating more old photos of the Cowboy Boot page on this website. I put on four old pairs of very comfy Justin cowboy boots to take new pics of four old pairs of hard-workin' cowboy boots, shown below:
Justin Palamino Cowboy Boots
Justin Tan Distressed Cowboy Boots
Justin Brown Distressed Cowboy Boots
Justin Blue/Tan Cowboy Boots
On 26 December, I updated the page on this website titled "Wearing Cowboy Boots" by adding some content and photos contributed by DaveM, a buddy from "Boots on Line". I have noticed that a number of people have used a search engine to look up terms like "how to wear cowboy boots" or "how to wear jeans with boots," so I thought I would revise that page to answer those questions, plus more.
On 25 December, Christmas Day, I took my new Chip-Shine lug-soled boots for a ride on my Harley to visit (and terrorize) the kiddos in my family. A few new pics have been posted Chippewa Hi-Shine Vibram® Lug-Soled Boots on the page about those boots. While most of the U.S. is snow-bound, we don't have any snow in Maryland and the temps were pleasant for a leathered and booted Christmas Harley ride!
On 18 December, I posted pictures of a new-to-me pair of stock dress instep Dehner boots that I got from a cop buddy who was disposing of all of his patrol boots due to a promotion. I have sold his old boots at his request, and got to keep one pair for my "seller's fee."

Adding this page meant that I had to update my Dehner Boots page on this website, too.

On 17 December, I geared up in leather from boot to Muir cap while doing my Christmas baking. I wore my older red-striped leather breeches and took some new photos to replace some really old and outdated images on this website.

Nice boots, huh? (See above).

On 14 December, I took some additional pictures of a new pair of Chippewa Hi-Shine Vibram® Lug-Soled Boots that I received on December 10. I saw a cop wearing Chip Hi-Shines with thick Vibram lug soles in May, and really liked the style of the boots with those soles. I ordered a pair of these boots. The updated pics show the soles clean. (It was mucky on December 10, and the first set of pics showed mud on the treads.)
On 14 December, I posted a few new pics of me in my side-laced leather jeans that I was wearing when I updated the pics about the Chippewa Hi-Shine lug-soled engineer boots. They go very well together!
On 8 December, I updated links page on this website to add some sources for uniform gear.

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