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On December 30, I put on my Skyrider Biker Vest and updated photos on its page, while wearing my Lightweight Leather Jeans and my Wesco Combat Boots with the leather jeans bloused over them. I like this old vest for its distinctive artwork.
On December 30, I shined up and put on my Wesco Combat Boots to create a demonstration video titled, "Wesco Combat Boot Blousing with Leather." While I was at it, I also took some still shots and updated the page about these HOT Boots! The video is also embedded in this page on my website.
On December 29, I was wearing my CHP uniform all day and thought that I would update the page about assembling a California Highway Patrol (CHP) uniform. It has been among the most popular of the fetish pages on my website for years.
On December 28, I bought some cigars that a buddy recommended and smoked one. I never really liked cigars before, but I found Hoyo Excaliburs to be enjoyable and not overwhelming.
On December 23, I gathered existing photos of me smoking in Dehner boots and put them on one page. These photos also appear elsewhere throughout the website on various leather and boot pages.
On December 21, I posted a video titled Making a Leather Angel in the Snow.
On December 21, I did a video titled Happy First Day of Winter!
On December 17, I added some new pics of me in CHP leather breeches with my blue leather police shirt.
On December 16, I posted a video just for fun titled Elmo is Tickled by Dehners in HD that I did with a new-to-me HD video camera.
On December 14, I posted a video that I shot a while ago titled, Decisions: Patrol Boots 2009. It is about some of the motorcycle patrol boots in my collection. I also deleted two old videos that were not viewed much, so there was no sense in cluttering up my YouTube Channel.
On December 11, I had a zipper installed in the front of my blue leather police shirt and on the fly of my naked leather jeans. I can wear these leather items now when I ride my Harley since the snaps that once popped open have been replaced with more dependable zippers.
On December 3, I shined up my boots and leathers and tried out a new-to-me video camera. I'm not sure how it is working, but I will figure it out. I posted the camera's first trial video on my YouTube channel. All of my Boot, Leather, and Biker videos are here.
On December 1, I added scanned photos from photo albums to a page on this website about our travels in Australia. I blogged about our travels there today, so I thought I would post the photos on this website as well.

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