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On December 29, I updated my Motorcycle Boot Guide with some different and updated pictures and information.
On December 27, I took pictures and posted a page about a new pair of Lucchese Classic "Blue Jeans" Cowboy Boots. I had seen these attractive boots that are blue in color with white and blue inlays and accents on-line for years, but the were very expensive. On the day after Thanksgiving, the price was dropped by half, and I snatched them up! Cool boots!
On December 26, I took pictures and posted a page about a new pair of brown Dehner Field Boots that I was measured for by the Principal Partner of the Dehner Boot Company when he visited a police motorcycle rodeo that I attended. These boots are all leather, and have a Vibram 100 lug sole. They are a unique addition to my Dehner Boot collection!
On December 26, I took pictures and posted a page about a new pair of Wesco Boss Engineer Boots that I bought on sale. These boots are unlined and stock. They fit closely on my legs and feel great.
On December 20, I posted photos of a new formal dress leather shirt that goes with...
On December 20, ... (see above)... a pair of formal dress leather pants that composes...
On December 20, ... (see above) ... a formal dress leather suit. I treated myself to a gift of formal leather gear from Northbound Leather. Man, this full leather suit is teriffic! It fits great, looks wonderful, and meets the need when I feel like dressing up in full leather, as I will do on holidays.
On December 15, I received a custom-ordered police-styled leather shirt in Hunter Green that I ordered from Mr. S in San Francisco. I like leather shirts in alternative colors. This is a great shirt, and made very well, as Mr. S is known to do.

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