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On December 26, 2013, I updated and reorganized my Dehner boots page on this website.   
On December 20, 2013, I posted photos of a new pair of Brown Double H Western Work Boots that I bought on sale for less than half of the full retail price. These boots are very comfortable and are acceptable as entry-level western-style work boots. They are not as good as their Chippewa cousins but for the price I paid, are great knock-around comfortable boots.
On December 9, 2013, I posted photos of a new pair of Brown Wolverine 1000 Mile Engineer Boots that I bought as factory seconds for 1/4 of the full retail price. These boots are more for fashion by the urban millennials than for function by real bikers. The Horween leather from which they are made scuffs very easily, and the soles are poorly designed.
On December 6, 2013, I posted photos of two new pairs of Dan Post ostrich cowboy boots that I bought on a great "buy 2 for 1 sale." These are comfortable, traditional cowboy boots that every man should have in his wardrobe. The traditional cognac boots are pictured here. Their black brothers are equally as comfortable.   

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