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On December 27, 2015, I pulled on a new pair of German MCP leather breeches that I bought in December, taking advantage of favorable exchange rates. These leather breeches are padded in the knees and seat, have plenty of pockets, and cool white stripes down the side of each leg. While I specified a size even larger than my regular, they are still tight in the crotch. I had to fix a tear of a single-stitched seam that happened the first time I swung my leg over the seat of the saddle of my Harley. But these are really cool breeches to add to my motorcycle gear and wear when riding.
On December 6, 2015, I posted photos that I took in September of a pair of new Lucchese black cherry crocodile belly cowboy boots that I won with an unusually low winning bid from eBay. These boots are very comfortable, sturdy, and make a distinctive cowboy boot clunk when I walk in them. They are very dressy, so I wear them with dress slacks to work.

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