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Hello Guys,

I appreciate the interest and messages that I have received since my introduction here on BHD's website in 2006.

I asked him to take the pages about me off of his website. I lead a busy, productive life and do not have much time to spend with email or communicate via chat or other means.

Thank you again for your kind words and flattering remarks. I wish you well on your journey through life.

Best wishes,


A note from BHD: I enjoyed hosting this page on my website, but AZ stopped communicating with me in 2012 and I have no idea what he is doing or where he is. I wish him well on his own personal journey, and am truly saddened on his decision to abandon our friendship.

Pics below were taken when BHD visited AZ in February, 2009, back in the good days of a strong friendship.

See more pics from BHD's Arizona visit by clicking here.

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