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Champion Attitude
Cowboy - Biker Harness Boots

I ordered these boots from Champion Attitude Boots of El Paso, Texas, USA. This bootmaker is well-known for making quality custom boots.

These boots are 17" tall with an all-leather burgundy shaft with a short scallop. The cool feature of these boots is the foot: it is made of full-quill ostrich, dyed black. The boots have a square toe and a harness strap. The harness strap and boot pulls are also in black ostrich. The sole is Vibram 100, which is useful for great grip when I ride my Harley. The heels are 2-1/2" high.

The boots were very comfortable right out of the box. I took advantage of a sale offering a 30% discount if ordered in October but taking delivery in February. The boots did not arrive until late March, but were worth the wait.

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