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Civil War Cavalry Boots

I bought these boots through a catalog in the early '90s when I had a chance to participate in a Civil War re-enactment at Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Maryland. I played just one of the grunts on a horse, but who could turn down an opportunity to roll around in the mud with a bunch of similarly-booted guys? Had a great time... but these boots do not get much wear otherwise because they are uncomfortable and poorly made (source: Pakistan).

The boots are 21 inches tall, with cuts to allow for bending the knee while riding a horse. They have smooth, flat soles and a low heel without a spur ridge.

In December, 2007, I bought a newer pair of American-made Champion Attitude Cavalry Boots that are easier on the feet and look great.

To see pics of a Civil War re-enactment with the boots, horses, and so on, see this page on my website.

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