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Larry Mahan Diamondback
Rattlesnake Boots

These boots, made by Nocona Boots with the Larry Mahan label, have genuine diamondback rattlesnake skin on the boot and in inlays on the boot pulls. They are very comfortable and have a standard height of 13 inches and a 1-3/4 inch cowboy heel. I got them in the mid '80s from a western wear store (Boot Barn) that was in Rockville, Maryland, but left Maryland because not that many people in the DC Metro area wear boots.

I note that some people searching for "Larry Mahan" boots land on this page. Larry Mahan was a famous rodeo cowboy who lent his name to a line of boots made by Nocona. These boots are not any different, except for a higher price, than any other boot that Nocona makes.

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