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Chippewa Harness Boots

I ride a Harley and sometimes I want to wear a pair of just regular harness boots made for motorcycling. There are a lot of boots out there, but few made as well. Chippewa Harness Boots (Model 27868) are solid, rugged, well-constructed, and made in the USA. These boots are 12" tall and are made of thick leather (much thicker than the thin stuff that Harley-Davidson branded Chinese-made boots are made of). They have a 1-1/2" heel on a Vibram yellow-plug sole. They run about a half-size large, so I installed a Dr. Scholl's gel insole in the boots to help them fit better. The insole also makes them more comfortable for all-day wear.

Harley Road King

Shined up, worn with frayed denim jeans

Biker style

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