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Chippewa Hi-Shine
Engineer Boots

These Boots are popular with motorcycle cops, as seen at Motorcycle Cop Gatherings in the past few years. They're not expensive and look really sharp with a uniform. They don't get hot, even on sunny days in warm weather. Click here for more comparative information about motorcycle police patrol boots.

I bought these Chip Hi-Shines in 2005. In June, 2008, I had thin lug soles added to these boots for additional traction while riding my Harley and also just 'cause I really like the way they look that way.

I have had a pair of these boots since 1995, but the pics on this page are of the newer boots. They broke in easily, and are very comfortable.

In December, 2008, I ordered another pair of these boots with real Vibram® lug soles on them. They're great!

Here are some still images from the video about these boots embedded below

Here is a video where I talk about these boots

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