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Chippewa Hi-Shine Engineer
Vibram® Lug-Soled Boots

I saw a pair of boots like this on a motorcycle police officer during Law Ride® 2008 in Washington, DC. While I have owned Chippewa Hi-Shines for years, what I liked a lot about the boots I saw on that cop was that they had thick lug soles on them. I talked to the cop, and he told me that he had a cobbler put the soles on his boots.

A cobbler added lug soles to these boots. That makes these boots even better for wearing while riding my Harley due to the superb traction provided by lug soles.

Because I have a muscular calf, I ordered these in the EE width, but one size smaller than my usual size. The EE width boot has a wider calf size, so I can wear leather or breeches inside the boots. I also have inserted gel insoles, which takes up some of that extra foot size space, and makes the boots comfortable for all-day wear.

Grey Leather Shirt
Grey Leather Shirt Grey Leather Shirt Grey Leather Shirt

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See these boots compared with Dehner patrol boots

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