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Chippewa Trooper Boots

These are Chippewa model 27950 trooper boots. Chippewa has made boots like this for decades. Before they changed the soles in 2013, the boots were pretty bad -- the former "alpha" soles would mark floors and leave black melt marks on hot motorcycle pipes.

Now these boots come with Vibram soles, which are more durable, oil resistant, and do not leave melt marks on hot pipes.

These boots are 17 inches tall, made of all leather, are fully leather lined, have a bal-laced instep, and a laced gusset (adjustment at the side of the boot shafts.) Because the boots are made with a plastic top coat, they are rather shiny without any more work. Just wipe 'em down at the end of a day's riding, and if necesary, use a little bit of spray furniture polish to maintain the shine. No paste wax necessary.

The boots still get hot; they are not made for hot-weather riding. All American or Dehner boots are better.

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