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18" Bal-Laced
Stock Dehner Boots

These Dehner Boots are stock (not custom). I got them as a promo for arranging a sale of 20 pairs of these boots to a motorcycle police unit in a U.S. city police department.

This pair of Dehner Boots is a stock size 10-1/2D with the 1" extra-wide calf. They are 18" tall. The foot material composing the bal-laced instep is all leather. The shaft is Dehcord. They have a standard Nitrile rubber sole. Since they have that plastic Dehcord shaft, I'll be careful not to nick them or ride too hard on my Harley while wearing them so they won't crack. I shined the shafts using a gentle spray of furniture polish and wiping them down.

These boots resist rain and water well

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