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18" Bal-Laced
2013 Edition
Stock Dehner Boots
with Vibram 100 lug soles

These Dehner Boots are stock (not custom). I bought these boots in November, 2013, to test what the Dehner Boot Company claims to be a better product from which they are making the shafts for stock boots as a favor to a local motor officer. This material has been revised to resist cracking, breaking, and showing white plastic crevaces after they break in. The material is also supposed to be better at resisting damage from the heat of hot motorcycle pipes.

This pair of Dehner Boots is a stock size 11D with the 1" extra-wide calf. They are 17.5 inches tall with a 17.5 inch calf circumference. The foot material composing the bal-laced instep is all leather. These boots have a Vibram 100 "big lug" sole, which provides excellent traction when riding a heavyweight motorcycle. There is nothing quite comparable to the beauty and appearance of tall black Dehner patrol boots.

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