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19.5" Custom Bal-Laced
Big Lug Dehner Boots

These Dehner boots are the tallest of those in my Dehner boot collection at 19.5". They come just to my knees, but have sagged a bit so they don't bite the back of my legs when I sit.

I ordered them through Stompers Boots of San Francisco. Mike, the owner of Stompers, had to go to bat for me with the Dehner Company back in 1998 when I ordered them, because Dehner insisted that cops on the East Coast don't wear Vibram® 100R soles on their boots. I'm not a cop, but I sure wanted the big lug soles -- great for traction when I ride my Harley. (Good news, these days Dehner is happy to put any type of sole on their boots on request without argument.

I've worn them a lot with uniforms as fetish gear. The foot and shafts are made of French Calf Leather, so they breathe well and don't get hot on my feet. I do not wear them as often as I wear my other Dehner boots because the calfs are a bit tight. They still fit, but other Dehners are more comfortable to wear on a long ride.

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