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18" Dehner
Field Boots

These Dehner boots were custom made for me in late 2010. I was measured for them by Jeff Ketzler, the "head man" of the Dehner Boot Company of Omaha, Nebraska, when he visited the Mid-Atlantic Police Motorcycle Competition, held in Gaithersburg, Maryland, in September, 2010.

These boots are 18" tall and have a Vibram 100 sole which I specified and paid extra to get. They are made of Voyager Leather, and are dark brown. These boots are "retro" in that they have the appearance of boots made and worn in the 1800s. They open across the front, and are kept closed with three straps and buckles. They also have a traditional bal-laced instep. Unlike my other Dehner boots with a bal-laced instep, I have to untie them to put them on, then tie the laces for a good fit.

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