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18" Custom Bal-Laced
Dehner Boots

These Dehner boots were my first pair of custom boots. Before I knew better, I ordered these directly from the Dehner Company. Doing that cost me more and took longer (Lesson learned!).

These Boots are 18" tall, and a Vibram® small lug sole. I got them in the early '90s, and wore them for thousands of miles while riding my Harley and lots of times in my replica CHP Uniform. The foot and shafts are made of French Calf Leather, so they breathe well and don't get hot on my feet. At the time I bought them, they were the most expensive boots in my Motorcycle Boot collection. They were great with a cloth uniform. I stopped wearing them, though, when they became just too tight on my legs.

I thought I should do something to bring these expensive and good-looking boots back into a wearable condition, so in September, 2007, I brought them to a cobbler and had zippers installed (see pics below). The zippers make the boots both easier to put on and take off, as well as widened the calf. Ahhh, nothin' like the feel of Dehners on your legs.

Boots before zippers were installed

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